GBW crafts compelling stories and then finds the right venues for sharing them. With more tools available than ever, you'll find our content in national newspapers and magazines, top tier digital publications, across  social media and video channels, and more. Have a look:

Published in the p.r. and marketing bible, O'Dwyer's, this piece by GBW explores the strategies that have made the annual Wide Open Bluegrass festival in Raleigh an international sensation.

“Crisis communications is a curious art in that although an incident feels raw and bracing as it unfolds, almost all crisis scenarios are predictable. And if you can predict them, you can prepare for them.” Published by Business NC magazine, this column by a GBW founder is a  how-to for tough times. 

Facebook in the Foothills

When unprecedented demand for data center tours became too much for Facebook's operations in Western North Carolina, the company turned to GBW to create a first of its kind virtual experience. Execs were so impressed, they unveiled it at an international developers conference in London.

GBW prides itself on enabling clients to share their stories and insights in a big way. We helped craft a pre-meeting anecdote by Campbell Law Dean J. Rich Leonard into an op-ed and placed it in USA Today. 

Google Shares its Annual "Best of..."

Each year, GBW helps create a video message to Google's friends, family, and stakeholders across NC sharing the company's homegrown partnerships and collaborative efforts to keep the state growing and thriving.

GBW worked closely with TechCrunch's editor to feature Seattle-based Joydrive prominently in a special feature on the future of car buying.

Google UK's Think Quarterly featured GBW's First Droppers concept. First Droppers are the early adopters' more noble and much more interesting cousins.