Longfellow Real Estate Partners

Longfellow Grows From Regional to National Powerhouse

Longfellow Real Estate Partners has grown from an ambitious regional power to a full-fledged national player -- and GBW has been the company’s agency of record throughout the remarkable journey.

In 2014, Longfellow, founded in Boston, chose GBW to help launch the firm’s trailblazing Durham Innovation District (aka Durham.ID). The 15-acre, 1.7M SF project would be a first for North Carolina, creating a bustling mixed-use destination -- complete with life science labs and close ties to a major research university, Duke -- in the heart of a dynamic downtown.

GBW jumped in, helping to secure crucial local support for the project, and then opening Durham.ID’s first phases with substantive and stylish events that involved the governor, the mayor, Duke officials and community partners. Durham.ID is now home to many tech and life science companies, from homegrown successes to international brands such as WeWork.

GBW also supported Longfellow in developing marketing strategies for its growth in Research Triangle Park, leading a key brainstorming session with brokers, positioning the company as thought leaders and aggressively promoting success stories.

In 2018-19, Longfellow set its sights on the West Coast, and GBW reached across the continent to trumpet a wave of acquisitions significantly adding to the company’s portfolio of 4.7 million SF. The West Coast surge involved working closely with sellers and brokers in hot markets such as Palo Alto, San Francisco and San Diego, and establishing productive relationships with area influencers and press.